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In Loving Memory of our Mum, Janice-Ann Dunne

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Challenges 21-48:  The Welsh 3000s (or “The 14 Peaks”)

Right - This is the BIGGIE

And because of how tough and how long it is, this will be constituting 14 of our total Challenges each

(1 for each of the Peaks)

August 3 2013


In order to complete the Welsh 3000s Challenge, we are going to scale the top of all 15 of the mountains over 3000 ft in Wales within the space of 24 hours, without using any form of transport. T he walk is also known as "The 14 Peaks" (although there are officially 15 peaks, or possibly 16) hence this constituting 14 each of our total 60 challenges


The length is about 24 miles, but the walks from the start

point and down from the finish point can take it to over

30 miles in total.


It is extremely tough, and is a big step up from the

“Three Peaks Challenge” (Challenge 7) . It’s very rocky,

and both uphill and downhill sections are demanding.

Navigation can also be problematic without previous

knowledge of this area of Snowdonia. Additionally, one

mountain, Crib Goch, is very exposed – several people

have died on it!


This challenge is often underestimated - so we are taking

it seriously and will be doing this towards the end of the

summer to ensure we have done plenty of training and

warm up walks/runs. You apparently need to be very

fit to walk it in 24 hours and the record stands at an

unbelievable 4 hours 20 minutes, or three times in 22

hours 49 minutes! We shall not be attempting this!


It is also very common for people to take on the Welsh 3000s as a multiple day challenge, three days being ideal, however as this is our challenge we will be aiming to complete the “14 Peaks” within 24 hours!


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